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Ah, creative dry spells, you need to be launched directly into the sun.

It's been a few months but I appear to be alive nonetheless. A new job came along in December that did a pretty good job of eating most of my concentration for awhile, but things seem to have settled into a consistent pattern there so I can free up some braincycles for Blender time once more.

The original plan last month was to start spitting out a few of the smaller meshes that I'd planned for the fleet anyone reading this has watched growing in my gallery since I showed up here, but I got tripped up by a nice dose of "I can get three quarters of this thing done but the last bits just aren't coming" which bogged me down for awhile. I decided to shelve those for a little while in favor of "whichever design for the game jumps into my head first, regardless of where it was in my to-do queue," which in hindsight was probably how I should have been operating in the first place. Put simply, I hope to get another cruiser mesh up here by the end of the weekend or Monday evening at the latest.

Until then I'm starting up a secondary gallery here. My friend and I had been plugging away at our game project for a few years now, and there's been enough of that that I built up a decent-sized pile of in-engine screenshots that were more or less presentable while goofing off. Now and then I'll try to drop a couple of interesting ones in there, especially if I'm hitting another dry spell with my newer meshes. It'll also let anyone who's curious get a glance at the previous 'generation' of meshes which I'd made prior to rather brilliantly losing a big pile of my mesh data, realizing I could Do Better Than Those Now Anyway Dammit, and starting on the current set of designs which you've been watching me post for awhile.

(On an unrelated note, as I catch up on my subscriptions: the artwork some of you inhuman creatures describe as mere "speedpaints" *terrifies* me. Gah.)
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